The ABCs of Art- Learn about more complex color theory in design and art.

color wheel

Color theory

Color theory

Leonardo Arreda: L'importanza del colore

Elements+Principles of Design by *TheCuddlyKoalaWhale on deviantART

color theory.

Download a free 25 page pdf for art at awesome artists {dot} com on the ABC's of Art

Color Theory Crash Course by pronouncedyou

Color theory

The Psychology of Color


Color Wheel-maybe for 6th grade

The Meaning Of Colors - Color Chart #graphicdesign #colors #chart

A review of the Elements of Art - a page for the 7th grade art journal. Building on last years knowledge and leading us closer to understanding how the Principles of Design can be applied.

Great example for pointillism

Color theory worksheet

A better explanation than I've ever gotten from a teacher or book. This could be the wiki for color theory: Why do some color schemes work, and others don’t?

Shading & Shadows cheat sheet

color mixing chart along with other elements of art