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had a few of these too

Pound Puppies: The much coveted dogs that came about long before "designer dogs."

Pound Puppy! This was Pearl, I slept with her well into adulthood. When I got married, for some reason it seemed like I needed to let her go. I still have my brother's brown Cocoa around somewhere.

Kind of a weird C Section, host parasite type of concept for a toy. But I had One. And I liked it.

Pound Puppies #nostalgia #1980s #toys Awww i had this with the puppies, santa pressie, box said handle with care my mam brought it back to shop not opening it, and inside was this haha, marketing did not think it through.....

Pound Purries....I had this exact one and named it Stripey...I had a real imagination! = )

Slush Puppies! Loved these as a kid, putting more pumps of syrup then really needed

I had a Pound Puppy that looked a lot like this, only he was a bit redder. His name was Commodore. I think I had a mini-Pound Puppy too.

I loved Donny Osmond...I had my walls plastered with his and his brother's pictures. I might even still have this album....somewhere.