A good friend can finish your sentences. A best friend will do the same, but make it sound 10x dirtier in the process ;). Funny quotes

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Best friend

To my best friend!

Sounds just like us!

I love my friends!!!!

And from facing the consequences of drunk decisions, unless they're drunk too then you're all screwed! ;0)

What to wear- this belongs on my daughter's wall!

sO LIKE the ppl in the third row look exactly like this one "friend" I have and she thinks that if you have fun you're gonna get in trouble or whatever and she constantly acts all proper and tells me how I should act but like naw bro idc what chu say I'm staying in the front row k that's all


Thanks for being my go-to friend to discuss the annoying-as-fuck tendencies of practically everyone.


Funny Best Friend Quotes

Tee hee... That's funny!

hahaha sounds about like our motto

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