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I can't help it... I'm addicted to all of them... The Original, Bridesmaids, Atlanta, Big Bliss... oh man!

Happy Days ~ 1974-1984 ~ Scott Baio (Charles "Chachi" Arcola), Anson Williams (Warren "Potsie" Weber), Ron Howard (Richie Cummingham), Henry Winkler (Arthur "Fonzie/The Fonz" Fonzarelli), Don Most (Ralph Malph)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

It certainly is, Snape. It certainly is.

2013: The year she said yes

And they provide a perfect form of escapism. | 31 Confessions Any Book Lover Will Understand

Bravo Ranks #1 In Sunday Primetime w/ Atlanta Powerhouse Franchises | Shadow and Act

YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Scandal Drinking Game Rosie HW HW HW HW HW HW HW HW HW HW HW Fagerholm we are sooo doing this

hahahahahaha... The evil Dr. Voldemortz is buying up all the floo powder in the Tri-House Area... Go get him, Agent T!

...and totally owning it. (like women who are totally frustrating but undeniably irresistible at the same time).

perfect dress....god i hope my boobs look that good when i wear my dress.......Erin dont laugh at me =D