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Crazy cat lady Christmas tree… Oh, this could SO be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Cat Lady..... I feel like this will be me someday...... Super creepy doll btw

You're just one more cat away from dying alone.

I am not a crazy cat lady... yet

Thanks to my friend (?) for sending me this pin. I am not that bad .... yet.

this is so gonna happen to my hubby who knows how many times in our marriage ♥

Hmmm my friends say I'll have a bunch of cats when I'm older maybe if they're right I'll do this! Hahaha

Danielle Riordan-Ingves - don't you have one of these shelves? how many cubes are in it?

Crazy Cat Lady - Huh, I wonder what people say about me and my two normal cats, my one eyed cat and my three legged cat??

CRAZY CAT LADY CHRISTMAS TREE =^.^=Have a "super sparkly" Christmas, Brit!!!