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    • Jan Inman

      Chart: How Many Plants to Plant per Container? | Urban Organic Gardener http://www.urbanorganicgardener.com/2012/03/how-many-plants-per-container/# If you are a Home Schooler, this would be a great project to teach your child first hand about the concept of 'From Farm to Table'. Do check out my Home School Tools & Fun Ideas to Mix and Match Subjects Board. If you want to add your own ideas, here or else where write me & I will add you on as a Board Participant. FullyAliveNJesus@EnterRest.com

    • Kelly Layton

      apartment gardening! how many plants to grow in a 12" container. Useful, useful info

    • Karen Stone

      Container gardening guide - how many plants per 12 in pot

    • Becky Perry

      How many plants per square foot? Even though this chart shows how many vegetables you can plant in a 12" pot, the same can go for a square foot of any gardening space

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