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Adorable, look at those ears!!

Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand (Inc.) Such an adorable baby donkey :D Goldie :)


micropig with a bandana and cowboy hat. all it needs is red cowboy boots

What precious faces.  The eyes are just so expressive.

Sweet baby calves I love Jerseys! I grew up with a sweet Jersey named Emma. Can't help but love the baby animals.

What a friendly donkey (:

Funny images of the day pics) My Neighbor Has A Mini Donkey That Wll Chase You Up The Driveway Untill .


If I see another one of these little brats I am going to explode. I want to squish and kiss this little man like you can't believe.

Tina Turner called. She wants her wig back!  (Kerstin Joensson / AP)

The Austrian alpacas given retro hairstyles at their annual shave. The annual alpaca shearing is a ritual on the Austrian farm of Alpaca-Land. The alpacas were given stylish new looks by Carina and Erwin Stadler on the farm near in Goeming, nea


I imagine this is how I look when using a stool. except nowhere near as cute. (But omg, baby panda using a stool. Too much cuteness in one picture.