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  • Jamie Walston

    Water slide in a closet!! Such an awesome idea :)

  • Squidney V

    water slide in bedroom closet + huge pool downstairs = great way to start the morning. Freaking awesome!

  • Jeremy Kitz

    Water slide in the closet... I am thinking that this might just be the most AWESOME thing I have ever seen for a house!! forget hiden stairwells a hiden waterslide!!!

  • Janice Vogt

    Water slide in the closet... This is going in my dream house!

  • Katie Hemann

    A Waterslide Closet | 27 Things That Definitely Belong In Your Dream Home. I'm going to have the water slide closet dump into the pool that looks like a moving river!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Scott

    Water slide in the closet... shut the front door.

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I feel like my bonus dad needs to build this at at the reservoir. Wow.

#richlife jk if nj wasnt so expensive we might be lol

The water-slide from the closet into the pool is pretty awesome but I think my favorite room is still the pillow theater.

After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time…