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Eating out in Bakersfield- where to go, what to order

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Healthy Food 10 Simple Choices

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Top 10 HEALTHY foods you should eat EVERYDAY !

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green tea


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These 25 foods are loaded with heart-healthy nutrients!

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Healthy Eating

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How I'm Staying Healthy This Year #NatureMade #IC #ad


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I want to eat at Loving Hut in Anaheim. Vegan food!

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Eat mankousheh at Forn Al Hara in Anaheim.

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Must eat here next time we're in San Diego (Encinitas)

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15 Miracle Vegetables or Fruits That Everybody Should Love!!! | Like It Short

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This month marks 5 years selling on Etsy! You can read my ongoing story by clicking over to my blog, or you can follow me on instagram /kellyjanecreative

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July Blog Income Report | www.lostgenygirl.com

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10 Tips for Healthy Lunches on the Go

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Top ten plants that are high in nutritional value

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Green Goddess Detox Salad - avocado, almonds, spinach, pea shoots, and healthy homemade Green Goddess dressing. Healthy + yummy. | pinchofyum.com

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Send Your Child With Food Allergies to School SAFELY! Everything You Need to Know!

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October/November Blog Income Report | www.lostgenygirl.com

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turn it up tuesday #111 Come and join the party, post your most recent posts, no post limits, discover new blogs, gain more blog traffic and get featured!

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Are you going to Disneyland soon? Check out Heathers picks for the Top 5 #Disneyland Restaurants

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Padre Hotel - Bakersfield, CA

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