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Character: Female Petite with HUGE hair. Blue/green eyes. Hair color brunette, dark blonde or red. Lots of layers/boots/leggings. Hipster-y. Gorgeous smile but can do serious easily.

Fc Griffin Arnlund) "Ello I'm Griffin. I'm 18 and a single pringle. I like to play footie and paint. Introduce?"

Not a main charecter, just someones best friend.<<<OMG THIS DESCRIBES CHRISTY PERFECTLY!!! @Pebblespeak

We luv #ginger girls! Follow us for more #redheads at and

Character inspiration: Addy, the love interest of Jaxsen after the death of Nicole.

Rachel, an 17-year-old girl with long brown hair, freckles, and light brown eyes.intelligent, and honest

Fashion Gone Roguefrom Fashion Gone Rogue