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Did You Know Your Tax Dollars Pay for the First Family’s Dogs to Eat Off of China Place Settings & Drink from Crystal Glasses at Their Very Own Elegant Miniature Table?

John Dee on

TRUTH, it can be confusing to some, BUT crystal clear to people that think for themselves, that think, Constitution ... That think conservative.

Lloyd Wells on

Too busy trying to get a picture of Obama and Tiger Woods to notice 4 Americans Dead in Benghazi due to the actions of those sitting in the White House @catherine gruntman gruntman gruntman gruntman gruntman gruntman Benoit-Spargo @Nancy Christopher @ abc @Linda Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Taylor @msnbc

"Funny how if you say something against Herman Cain you're a genius. If you say something against Barack Obama you're a racist." - Charlie Daniels

Hillary Clinton says many things, but her actions suggest she lies. She supports the Muslim brotherhood, who rape little girls and sodomize little boys. They stone women, acid burn them, behead them. Denounce this group of women haters if you really mean what you say. Otherwise, why should we believe anything you say?

Supreme Court Denies Family Farmers The Right To Self-Defense From Monsanto's Abuse. Read More:

Nerdy Wonka on

Walmart Holding Canned Food Drive For Its Own Underpaid Employees With the majority of its workers making less than a living wage, one Walmart is holding a food drive for its own employees.