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I love Misty Prepper. You can learn everything you want to know about living off the grid if you are so inclined by watching Misty on Youtube. She is tougher than I am but I do what I can in my little corner of the world. Great article about Prepping from the ground up! Lessons learned, and advice for all!

Two or more people can generate electricity from a recycled auto alternator using the treadle-powered generator. Photo courtesy of Pat Delany

How to make your very own solar panel set-up completely from scratch. Additionally information to do with working with kits and getting extra parts via Ebay. Off Grid Solar Power system control

A terrific blog from a couple who went completely off the grid in Wauconda, Washington after condo/city living for years. They document their decision making on how and what products they utilize to make life easier off the grid. A really great read with lots of details on how to make it happen

Pioneer Settlerfrom Pioneer Settler

12 Ways Self-Sufficiency Will Make You a Happier Person

12 Ways Self-Sufficiency Will Make You a Happier Person | Lengthen and Improve Your Quality of Life | Pioneer Settler | Pioneer Settler | Homesteading Projects and Off the Grid Living Tips and Tricks at

This is a MUST READ for anyone seriously exploring solar, wind or hydroelectric power generation for emergency backup or complete off grid power generation! Learn to make your own DIY battery bank to compliment your energy harvesting and SAVE lots of money doing it! The best information out there on quality DIY battery banks! Everyday living off of the grid. Leonard Allen...great article about living off the grid.