Jaxon is a handsome boy that was given up for adoption when his parents moved to an apartment. But new dad Sal says this was a good thing. Jaxon used to spend the day in a cage, but his new mom is home all day to play with! Plus Sal's son works at night so he has another playmate for part of the dag. Lucky dog!

Teddy is an aptly named little fellow. Who could be more lovable and squeezable than he, we ask? His new mom, who adopted him from the RISPCA, says, "Teddy is the best thing that ever happened to us. Ever since we adopted him he's been a great friend that loves to play, go on walks and eat meatballs!" We're with Teddy on all three, especially the meatballs. Go Teddy!

Tuesday's Adoption Tale: Friendly Fred. Fred is a 10 year old Basset Hound that found his way to the RISPCA when his owners could not afford to care for him any longer. Serendipity happened when one of the volunteer dog walkers fell in love with him during the month that he was at the shelter. "I've always loved Bassets and I didn't want Fred to spend his golden years in a shelter. Now he's a brother to my other dog at home." Sounds perfect!

Lucky Loki! Just adopted from the #RISPCA, Loki had a family that didn't have time for this energetic pup. New mom Sara recently bought a new house and has the time and space to dedicate to training and loving this big guy. It's a story with a very happy ending for 1 1/2 year old Loki. #adoptdontshop

cuteness overload

Elsa is an aptly named one year old American Eskimo with a sweet smile and a happy disposition. She was adopted from the RISPCA at a successful adoption event sponsored at a local Subaru dealer. Over a dozen dogs were adopted! Elsa was given up by a previous owner that didn't have time for her, which is great luck for her new owner Roger. She looks thrilled with her new dad, who definitely won't "Let It/Her Go!".

Rosie is a four year old Min Pin just adopted from the RISPCA. We just LOVE this photo of Rosie and her new dad Manny. So many newly adopted dogs come to us straight from the shelter, and the bond that has already developed between owner and pet is amazing. The dogs have a sense of trust and love that sometimes seems impossible after what they have been through. We hope this photo of two smiling faces puts a big smile on yours too!

Maddie stopped by Up Country with her new mom the other day after being adopted from the RISPCA. "Maddie is 5 months old, and was given up because her previous owner was unable to financially keep her. She is a friendly, playful and energetic pup. We knew she would be the perfect playmate for our 3 year old dog Teddie. We adopted Teddie from the RISPCA two years ago. Maddie has been a great addition to our household and is loved dearly." Maddie looks pretty in pink in our new Pink Crush desi...

These two handsome boxers are father and son, they look alike and act alike! They were both up for adoption and the staff at the RISPCA wanted to see them placed together. Thanks to new mom Amber, they will go to the same home and live out their lives as one family. Congrats!

Before and after photos of rescued animals. #animals #adopt #cats #dogs #puppies #kittens #shelters #awareness #abuse #animalawareness #homeless

Shy is anything but! He's a sweet, friendly English Bulldog mix. He wanted to make friends with everyone in the Up Country offices! Happy adoption Shy- have a great life!

Harley Goes Home #AdoptASPCA

McGee is an adorable Pitbull puppy with eyes that speak words of love, hope and a second chance at life! Adopted from the RISPCA in Providence, this puppy was a TV star at 3 months old! Thanks to ABC6 for their adoption spotlight that runs every week.