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Jaxon is a handsome boy that was given up for adoption when his parents moved to an apartment. But new dad Sal says this was a good thing. Jaxon used to spend the day in a cage, but his new mom is home all day to play with! Plus Sal's son works at night so he has another playmate for part of the dag. Lucky dog!

Bear is a 2 year old Chocolate lab that has been adopted twice! The first time didn't work out, but new dad Bob can't wait to spend his retirement playing with Bear. Sounds like a great team!

Papa is a big American Bulldog mix puppy, just adopted from the RISPCA. His new dad loves big dogs, good thing! Congrats to Papa who has found his forever home, and got a new Up Country collar and leash, free!

The RISPCA is our neighbor, so we get to see a parade of staff and volunteer dog walkers stroll by with the shelter dogs. We all noticed a sweet looking Cocker Spaniel with gorgeous fur walking by every day. We were thrilled to see him here after being adopted! Magic is 8 years old. His new mom told us this story, "Magic's owner had to move and could not keep him. So now he is settling into a new home, chasing squirrels and making new friends." What a "Magical" end to this story!

Tasha is ALL EARS when it comes to adoption stories, especially since she was just adopted! Her new mom picked out All Hearts for her to wear. Awwwwww!

Mak gets adopted! His new owners always wanted a pug, and his new dad Roberts middle name is Mak! It's a match made in heaven!

Maddie was paralyzed after a fall from a deck at her previous home. New mom Julie adopted this cutie along with her wheelchair! A sweet face and a happy new life!

Shelby gets adopted! New mom Kelly drove from PA to RI to pick up Shelby from the RISPCA. She's an adorable little 7 year old girl, sweet and peppy. Like Kelly says, "Please, please spay and neuter and....adopt!"

Robbie is a 7 year old Shih Tzu that was adopted from the RISPCA. He is s gift from heaven says new mom Judy. Awwwww

Khloe is a beautiful grey Pit Bull Terrier, just adopted from our friends at the RISPCA. New mom Caroline says, "My daughter and I have been searching high and low for a dog and found our Khloe on line at the RISPCA. When we visited her at the shelter we fell in love, and knew immediately that she was perfect. But, she still had to pass the test of getting along with her new four-legged brother Stryker. They got along famously and we were able to bring Khloe home with us forever!"