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An amazing 5 m high 150 m long ice tunnel formed by melt water and pressure ridges on the ice shelf near the Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

The Blue Tunnel in Antartica - If you didn't know you were inside a passage hidden away in an ice shelf near the Schirmacher Oasis, you'd probably think you had somehow stumbled into a life-sized lava lamp.

Antarctica from Nature Mother Earth Board

Julian Dowdeswell, Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica

climate-changing: Antarctica by sjrankin In winter with maximum extent of sea ice.

Glacier http://www.posters.co.uk/Glaciers/7732=XP0qnFL39fHQZM=http://imagecache6.allposters.com/LRG/20/2097/W4P2D00Z.jpg=337=450=FuELT7_2LYXs2AWqprH6Bw=1=sbg

In October 1999 an Iceberg the size of London broke free from the Antarctic ice shelf .

Not all emperor penguins sport black-and-white tuxedoes. Scripps reseacher Gerald Kooyman spotted this unique all-white emperor chick, dubbed Snowflake, during a penguin survey on the ice shelf of the Ross Sea, Antarctica

Edith "Jackie" Ronne (born October 13, 1919 - June 14, 2009) was an American explorer of Antarctica and the first woman in the world to be a working member of an Antarctic expedition.[1] She is also the namesake of the Ronne Ice Shelf.[2]

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Brinicle ice finger of death (Antartica), Frozen Planet

Jade Iceberg, Antarctica

Emperor penguins - Riiser Larsen Ice shelf.

Young Icefish (Chaenocephalus aceratus) These Chaenocephalus aceratus fish are highly adapted to life the cold waters of Antarctica's continental shelf. Their blood is filled with anti-freeze, but no red blood cells. This is among the many creatures recently photographed by the British Antarctic Survey in the Southern Ocean, one of the fastest-warming seas in the world.

100 of the MOST AMAZING PENGUIN Photos you’ll Ever See @poshonabudget http://poshonabudget.com/2016/03/100-of-the-most-amazing-penguin-photos-youll-ever-see.html

Sue Flood, photographer + :People standing on top of Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. This is Antarctica’s largest ice shelf and is the size of France. (from findout)

Edwardsiella andrillae is a newly discovered sea anemone which lives upside down, burrowing into the underside of the ice shelf in Antarctia and extending its tentacles into the frigid water like a flower on a ceiling. by phys.org #Anemone #Edwardsiella_andrillae #Antarctica

In the Southern Hemisphere summer of 2002 scientists watched in amazement as almost the entire Larsen B Ice Shelf splintered and collapsed in just over one month. They had never witnessed such a large area3250 square kilometers or 1250 square milesdisintegrate so rapidly. The collapse of the Larsen appears to have been due to a series of warm summers on the Antarctic Peninsula which culminated with an exceptionally warm summer in 2002. I had a chance to witness this for myself and could no...