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  • Susannah Harvey

    Cheetah riding shotgun.........I know the lady driving. She started the Cheetah Ambassador program and has raised some of the big cats in her home. The article isn't especially flattering, but she has done amazing things in Cheetah conservation.

  • Caitlin Corcoran

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  • Brianna Krank

    Im jealous that someone has a pet cheetah! That is so cool!

  • bridget CABRERA....

    funny animal pictures with captions | funny animal pics of the year the driver did not know she has a brave ...

  • Courtney Steele

    Ok I have no idea why I find this so funny..... probably the look on the kitty's face :s

  • Keila Ramos

    A little animal humor never hurt anybody..

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This should not be as funny as it is...

Hahahaaa. I LOVE this story, and my 19 year old daughter does, too. One of my last real "discussions" in the classroom involved a statement I made about having to "get out the sewing machine last night"..... A student (several) thought I was just being stupid (Science-fictiony) w/them... Had NEVER seen or heard of a sewing machine..... and we're in GEORGIA.....

this is just great. I laughed way to hard at this

you'll get it back in another form, don't worry