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  • paula selke

    SO PRETTY!! Umbrella covered walkway in Agueda, Portugal - sunny day lights up brightly colored umbrellas which provide shade to pedestrians below - photo by Patricia Almeida on flickr

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    Canopy of colorful umbrellas, art festival “Agitagueda”, Portugal

  • Diogo Carvalho

    COLORFUL UMBRELLAS FLOAT ABOVE THE STREETS OF AGUEDA, PORTUGAL - The Umbrella Sky Project by Sextafeira Produções first hung this colorful installation over the Aguedan skies in 2012. Photos of the floating umbrellas got quite viral over the internet, sending many tourists to walk down Portugal’s most colorful street for themselves.

  • Adabell Morrone

    Colorful Umbrella Art Installation: In Portugal

  • Preeti K

    Annual Umbrella Installation, Agueda, Portugal In what has become a yearly occurrence, Umbrella Sky Project installs a canopy of brightly colored umbrellas over the streets of Agueda from July to September. Not only do they provide shade from the strong summer sun, but they also add a startling pop of color and a break from the everyday to residents’ lives.

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In Águeda, a small Portuguese town, some streets are decorated with colorful umbrellas that seem to magically float in mid-air, sheltering people on the streets below from the hot summer sun!

The flying umbrellas of Agueda, Portugal

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"All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust." --J.M. Barrie

Colourful Floating Umbrellas in Agueda, Portugal

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(Open RP) The rain pours and pours. It hasn't stopped for days and this is no exception. I see a red headed girl under a black umbrella, she is looking down and she seem sad. I stare at her through the crowd of people and I realize the city is bustling around me. "Excuse me!!" Someone shouts in my ear. I quickly turn around and accidentally trip over someone or something, and I land in someone's arms. I look up,"I'm so sorry!" I say (can someone be the girl he runs into? Please?)

The Umbrella Street by Alfonso Chaby: Águeda, Portugal #Installation #Umbrellas #Portugal