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    My life

    Every time

    sometimes I’m chandler, sometimes I’m joey, literally the two sides of me ♥ Stay gold always ♥

    I don't care how many times I see this makes me so sad every time.

    every time..

    hahahahah every time!

    Best show in the world! It got me through some tough times.

    Happens all the time.

    The White House fridge must be pretty full. Ha! (Just kidding, Joe, we love you.)

    I think this is kinda mean.....I'm not a big fan of him, but it's mean to hate someone like that.....but the post is kinda funny

    I think we're up to 7 times now?!


    when it said door i thought it said i didn't get it for the longest time and had to re-read it twice...but now it's funny (:

    ...every time.

    Every summer I choose one classic tv show to watch and this summer I enjoied watching FRIENDS for like the 7th time. I still love this tv show and for me it will never get old. #Friends

    Any Friends lover should appreciate this

    all the time.