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      Southern Living and Sayings--For the adopted southern girl

    • Andrea Ross

      @Aaryn Ross From a Southern Bell ... Southern Graces: Southern Living and Sayings

    • Arriel Zwelling

      Southern Traditions to keep alive. 1 Setting the table with real cloth napkins. 2 writing thank you notes. 3 saying sir or ma'am. 4 giving a stranger a helping hand. 5 sitting on the proch and rocking for a spell. 6 slow cooking all day long. 7 setting out the cheese straws and sweet tea for company. 8 canning, quilting crocheting-our grandmothers did them to make do, but we can do them to make a home. 9 pearls go with everything!

    • Jana Tsuchida

      Southern Traditions to Keep Alive by: Southern Charm: Archive

    • Andrea Patterson

      Southern Traditions #3 is a southern thing?

    • Karisa Madera

      Southern Traditions I'm a southern girl at heart!!

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      Southern Living and Sayings - I may not be a Southern lady, but I live by this list

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