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    Short People Problems

    Short People Problem #146: uh, yup. can't even fight it.

    Short People Problem #80

    Short People Problem #39

    Daily experience

    Short People Problems

    Short People Problems

    Plus short girls can usually attract really tall guys

    Short People Problem #9 - Your feet don't reach the floor when you sit down

    I have to play one of these in jazz band because the managers do percussion instruments in one piece & they're always sooo loud to take out hahaha

    I am 30 years old and still get carded for R movies. True story: I was turned away from an R movie on a date before b/c I forgot my ID.

    So true...

    Short People Problems

    Short people problems.

    short people problem

    Short People Problem #51

    Short People Problems: somehow, I ALWAYS try to hug people like that...doesn't work very well

    19 Hashtags Short People Actually Need -- I made someone double over laughing at this one time at work

    And then nothing you wear fits correctly, making you look either fat, pregnant, or boxy like a Lego person

    Nerd Girl Problems

    Story of my life: pretending to chicken out because I know I really want to do it but I can't reach. Especially since my beast friend is really tall.