Short People Problems

Short people problems.


Short People Problems

Haha I am short but this still makes me laugh

Short People Problem #51

short people problem

Short People Problems

Short People Problem #39

Short People Problem #9 - Your feet don't reach the floor when you sit down

short people problem


19 Hashtags Short People Actually Need -- I made someone double over laughing at this one time at work

All summer long.

Short People Problem #95

Short People Problems

story of my life!

Short People Problems - I usually pullout the little old lady trick and kid to someone tall to reach the item on the top shelf! Works for me......and tall peeps just love doing acts of kindness. They remember the times they were a scout or a guide.

Short Girl Problem Solver Shoes. I would wear these... Problem solved Thanks @beprunty01

Or kneeling on a bench makes you as tall as other people sitting down. shortpeopleproble...