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  • kayla countermine

    UGG Boots!!! Poor cat, grumpy cat.

  • Samantha Rae

    hahah @Erica Fowler I used to laugh so hard at your poor cat when he got this hair cut!

  • Sydney Stott

    boots with the fur!! Poor cat :(

  • Beth Solomon

    this cat is not grateful for his new Ugg boots. Aw! Poor kitty:)

  • hanna novak

    this cat is not grateful for his new Ugg boots. Animals have their own dignity and making fun of them while doing something like an extreme grooming for example, is hurting their feelings. It is NOT funny. Stop it, People, listen to you heart before you try to do something like that. It`s actually very sad.

  • Kristina Owen

    Cat haircut . So. Funny.

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