I think my house is on fire..

Said no one ever!!!

Vin Diesel

Call the fire department!

Don't usually go for blondes, but I'll make an exception

oh, hello there, mc steamy

Shemar Moore

First I'm so grateful you boys saved me but Um, no I can't imagine why my house caught on fire... And then the Barn... And then the car... And then the house again.

yes and yes

Vampire Diaries ... Um he is just hot!!!

Channing Tatum!!! Yum

And God said, Let there be the Hemsworth brothers.

Johnny Knoxville

I could be wearin all white, and still be down to get on that dirt bike with him. Hmmmmm ;) lovin the mud.. the bike.. and the guy behind the handlebars ♥

Ian Somerhalder

Help Fire, Fire!!!

hahaha ummm Hell yea!

Chris Hemsworth

ryan lochte-- oh mother of swimmers

Tom Daley, please be under the mistletoe with me or underneath my Christmas tree? Both, would be lovely ;)

Um Yes please! This boy is HOT!