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On old school bus turned super awesome RV...unfortunately for it to save you any money you'd HAVE to convert it to bio-diesel.

Barbie - I totally remember this barbie and I probably still have this outfit with my old barbie toys that are packed away!! The skirt was one of my all time favorites when i was younger!! Love this!!

Ahh poor Western Barbie. You pushed a button on her back and she winked. Sometimes the eyelid would get stuck and she would look really wonky.

blow up barbie furniture...a little tickle in my mind says i had some of this...

Malibu Barbie & Ken - Ken's legs didn't bend at the knee so he didn't fit in the cars

This is neat with the old furniture the way that it was and everything: Vintage 1970's Barbie Townhouse with Lots of Furniture | eBay

Vintage 1990 Barbie Sweet Roses Furniture Roll Top Desk with Accessories | eBay

$100 for this, really? It is nice though. : Barbie Sweet Roses Armoire House 4763 1987 Furniture Vintage Dresser Bedroom | eBay

Ballerina Barbie-Mid 1970's version This takes me back. This was my very first Barbie. Unfortunately, her feet didn't survive my little sisters teething stage.

80's Golden Dream Barbie...she and wire in her hair so it would curl, thought she was super cool