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  • Andrea Holder

    old barns- make me feel connected to the past....a bygone era

  • Maria Bernal

    Old Barns. Don't know where this is, but it brings back childhood memories.

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America's country side....Wouldn't it to be nice just to ride through this country....That is what Anthony Hopkins does...He became an American citizen a couple years ago, and he just rides all over the states....Vanity Fair wanted an interview, and he said: Fine me....They found him in Oklahoma just riding the back roads......He said he's so happy here and in his car....

Edgmon hay barn (circa 1920) at south end of Boxley Valley in northwest Arkansas. Located at trailhead parking area for Buffalo River Trail and Upper Buffalo River Wilderness Area. by danjdavis

This reminds me of Dorothy. Feels like there should be a tornado in the background and a girl in a blue checkered dress with her dog in the foreground.

#landreth style with photoshop layers and textures.

As much as I love the city this is such a beautiful and peaceful site. Wouldn't mind waking up to that every morning

Grandpa used one of these barns on some rental ground west of the homestead. Illinois

You would think after a couple years in WI I would have gotten my red barn fix...still love the site of it.

Old Barn.... pretty cool venue. Especially if you can find one that is may abandoned or see if the owners would let you rent it...

Abandoned barn.... can you imagine the challenge of making this livable?!

I wish I could get this image in a print, it would hang in my home for sure. Evokes the snuggly feeling I want in my Home.