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The JOY of the Lord is my strength, I smile for one reason or another when HE fills me with HIS JOY!

I agree, get off your phone

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How to Study the Bible. It's kind of funny that I ran across this, because I was needing some help in actually starting to study it instead of just reading it!


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So true!!!

Perspective. I need to do this.

I'm not a NICU nurse but I've been a NICU mom, and I thought this a few times about the babies around us :-/

Open when you need to know how much I love you, open when you don't feel beautiful, open when you need a laugh, open when you miss me, open when you're mad at me, open when you need a date night, etc.

My life motto.

Trust in God

"How to be a Godly wife. All you ladies must read whether you're single, in a relationship, a newlywed, or have been married for years!"

Love being a NICU nurse


“Don't be afraid to dream, for out of such fragile things come miracles.” www.projectsweetp...

that is the goal

Food is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug in America, and exercise is the most potent and underutilized antidepressant.


I'm truly blessed with a career I absolutely love!

Disney told a better love story than twilight in eight minutes with no dialogue