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  • Kristen Olsen

    Fall Leaves. Love the Fall season

  • Martha Morgan

    Requirement 6 for the Webelos Forester activity badge is Make a poster showing a tree’s growth rings or examine the growth rings of a tree stump. Explain how the rings tell its life history. When I did this with DS’s den, I made a requirement aid to help them with this. Use the link below to download and print it. It shows a sample diagram of tree rings to help them make the poster. We looked at an actual stump also, but the tree rings on the stump we examined weren’t well defined

  • Olivia Jones

    i love autumn, and what a great angle.

  • Rachael Hay

    Autumn leaves

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My dream property would have TONS and TONS and TONS of trees. I dream about having a neat tree path like this too :)

Someday, I'm going to live in a quaint little city up north where the leaves change every fall, and I'm going to find a coffee shop, buy a cup of hot chocolate, and walk through streets like this.

Fall is here, Hubbell, Upper Peninsula, Michigan | Jiqing Fan on Flickr

Autumn leaves fall all around and douse an otherwise dying world in furious and vibrant color. Sheer beauty. #praiseHim

though it's Autumn you can feel the warmth from the colors...

Teal floor, shiny would be interesting Grosvenor Park. Bridge photographed by Raoul Pop.

Soul absorbed. Left hollow on the forest floor. Her long forgotten promise remembered by The Tree.

Early fall camping among the trees is just around the corner. Wilderness Campsites.

Happy Fall.....May your storms be few & your wood pile full : 0 )

Lonely Tree in the Morning Sun Appears to Be Underwater From Slovenian photographer Janez Tolar…