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A New Documentary About the Devastating Disease Your Doctor Has Never Heard of - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What is the real diagnosis for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome? Does the long list of symptoms that accompany these very real diseases warrant the conventional treatments, pain medications, sleep-aids, anti-seizure medications, and anti-depressants? Clinically, we have seen in these diseases, a strong correlation to infections, viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic along with tick borne infections like chronic Lyme disease complex. To complicate matters......... (Who really…

My new read : Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease Richard Horowitz From one of the America's foremost doctors comes a ground-breaking book about diagnosing, treating and healing Lyme, and peeling away the layers that lead to chronic disease.

One doctor finds that Lyme disease has a lot to teach us about epidemics, chronic illnesses, and a medical establishment in need of a paradigm shift.

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How To Detox (And Why You Should

The doctors said I probably had estrogen dominance, lyme's disease, and/or mercury poisoning. Whatever it was I realized I was going to have to detox!


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Chronic illness


Finally, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Will Be Taken Seriously

How to Get Rid of Your Hangover in Time for Work: …

ARTICE: Neurological Manifestions of Lyme Disease in Children. I wish more doctors would treat based on symptoms, not lab results. The case histories included in this article prove the clinical diagnosis approach is the right one.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Needs Effective Treatments

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Needs Effective Treatments - The New York Times

Dr. Rowes journey with chronic fatigue syndrome has lead him to orthostatic intolerance, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Chiari malformation...Find out more here -

Unfortunately, if you have a chronic illness (fatigue, a rheumatic disorder, etc) and are a woman this is only too, too true.

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Dr Oz: Avril Lavigne Lyme Disease + Prevention & Lime Campaign

Dr. Oz discussed Amwell, a new feature of AskMD that lets you virtually talk to a doctor about your health issues.

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Fibromyalgia - A Natural Approach

I have all but one of these! Oh happy disease

Everyone with EDS / Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome has a different constellation of symptoms, so everyone needs to be evaluated in a unique way. These are some examples of the types of providers people encounter on the way to a diagnosis of EDS.