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Memento Mori watch from the Ashmolean museum. Watches like skulls whose jaws drop open to reveal the time - Incerta Mortis Hora - “The Hour of Death is Uncertain”

Late Stuart memorial slides--- Skull and crossbones, dated on reverse, 1679, Skelton with hour-glass, skull and spade, Wirework monogram with cherubs holding a skull, 1690, Naked lady reading at a table with a skull and hourglass, 1705, Four enamelled gold mourning rings, English, 1658-1732 : Most surviving examples are dated after the Great Plague of 1666; Gold posy-ring openwork flowers to contain hair: "Thee and I will lovers die"

Watch in the form of a skull, ca. 1640-50 Movement by Isaac Penard (Swiss, 1619-1676) Case and dial: silver, partly nielloed, with a single silver hand; Movement: gilded brass and steel; back plate of movement

Dating back to 1810 the Momento Mori death watch with diamonds . The skull opens up to the watch, letting you know everyone's time is up sooner or later.

An Aztec/Mexican Mask portraying a skull and symbolising the concept of life generated from death. (Walters Museum)

Silver Skull Vinaigrette Europe 1701-1900 Hold strong smelling substances to be sniffed via tiny holes. -memento mori- a reminder of death & carried at all times.