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    United Stereotypes of America by HaleyForEtsy on Etsy, $18.00



    • Ellen Causier Costanzo

      Uhm... Things each U.S. state can boast of? #hehehe, what about Alaska and Hawaii then? ;D #infographics

    • Rose Manry

      I moved from hot and drunk to fashion bloggers, but now I live in fried chicken and it's disturbingly close to dive bars and serial killers.

    • Ashley Baine

      Memphis is in a 3 some with fried chicken, an obesity epidemic and dive bars & serial killers. So proud.

    • Amy

      I have lived in the land of rainy hipsters, historical landmarks, fried chicken and also apparently fashion bloggers?

    • Amy Amari

      Lived for a month in Life of the Party, a few years in both Fried Chicken and Historical Landmarks, almost moved to Drunk Lake People, and have spent most of my life in Horses, etc. Lol that was fun to write!

    • Kristin Deal

      can't help but note i have moved from 'dive bars and serial killers' to 'snow' then to 'fashion bloggers.' well okay then

    • Sydney Kastens

      Dive bars and serial killers OR drunk lake people...hmm.

    • Shay Magahey

      Hahah, drunk lake people??? Rainy hipsters??

    • Jana Van Laar

      This made me giggle....drunk lake people

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    The U.S. will always be my favorite country...duh! I found this depiction of the way Americans view the rest of the world quite hilarious! Don't take it personal or get's just a joke! lol


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    Too funny!

    Rhode Island and coffee milk, Idaho and potatoes. A map of all the states and their most relevant food items.

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    no offense to anyone just thought this was hilarious

    What I Know About the USA


    Not sure why Romney wants to be the President of the United States when he's already the mayor of Whoville...

    so true!

    honey boo boo

    love you steven!


    USA! USA! USA!

    Titanic 14 year Puzzle