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POZ magazine September 1998: Aunt Evelyn's Letters #HIV #AIDS

POZ magazine November 1998: Barton Benes makes art combining images with text from the thousands of letters his Aunt Evelyn wrote to him in the ’70s, when he was a young gay artist in New York City and she was a lonely Florida widow who hung on every word of his adventures. #HIV #AIDS

Step inside and thrill to the infectious humors of the eccentric artist: a blood-filled squirt gun, a real #AIDS ribbon, Monica Lewinsky’s soiled napkin and, believe it or not, a 50 dollar virgin. #HIV

POZ magazine January 1999: Aunt Evelyn's Letters #HIV #AIDS

POZ magazine April 1999: New Yorker Barton Benes saved thousands of letters written in the ’70s by his Aunt Evelyn, a Florida widow and confirmed crank. Now, two decades and an epidemic later, he mixes her words with his images to make art that says “Live!” by the example of someone who, sadly, did not. #HIV #AIDS

POZ magazine December 1998: In this installment of Aunt Evelyn’s Letters, Barton Benes combines text from a 1977 letter his aunt sent about killing cockroaches with the image of an infected CD4 cell to comment on going—and staying—undetectable. #HIV #AIDS

POZ magazine April 2001: Dealing with AIDS—and AIDS Inc.—isn't fun and games. Here's a practice round for the real thing.

POZ magazine June 1999: For our June issue, artist Barton Benes collaborates with his late friend Ruth Truth, a confirmed cross-dresser (see photo), and his late Aunt Evelyn, a confirmed crank (see text), to ask the old question “Male or female?” in a new way. Happy gay pride. #HIV #AIDS

POZ magazine March 1999: Aunt Evelyn's Letters #HIV #AIDS