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I disagree!! I know some people say its awful if the guy is shorter, but I say it's not. If you love someone, you love them! Height doesn't matter! Tall girls need more confidence in their height and need to realize that height is just a number, what they should be looking for is a respectable and loving man, not just anyone who is taller than them.

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25 Things Only Broke College Students Understand

WHY?!?! Oh god, I hate it soooo much... so much. For two hundred dollars, I expect my textbook to at least do a little dance or make me coffee in the morning or something, but no...

Yeah, all the better to smack u with for saying that dumb shit!!!

tall girl problems - Bing Images Seriously. Why don't people get this. I am about as coordinated as a new born giraffe.

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The 50 Most Shared Facebook Posts Of 2014

Good comeback little girl! WOOWWW AHAHAH @lauryannlecompt Lollxox