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      Oriol Gutierrez: Daniel Bauer, the successor to the late legendary escape artist Harry Houdini, has returned to the stage with an intensely personal performance of magic and hope. I had the pleasure of seeing his latest show, Beyond Belief, while it was in previews in New York City in June. #HIV #AIDS

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    WATCH: Aging Fiercely While TransIn their latest POZ Blog, Visual AIDS brought together Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Kate Bornstein, Jay Toole, and Sheila Cunningham to discuss experiences of aging, disadvantage, discrimination, and maintaining one’s dignity as a trans/gender nonconforming person. #HighlyRecommend

    Our Problem with Being 'CURED' of HIV by Mark S. King

    Gay-on-Gay Shaming: The New HIV War by Peter Staley

    Bill Clinton's Real AIDS Legacy by Sean Strub

    This month's issue of POZ features the "POZ 100", focusing on unsung heroes. How apt that is the current issue. There is no POZ unsung hero more deserving of recognition and appreciation than Dennis Daniel.

    The Amazing Advocates of the 2013 US Conference on AIDS

    Paging Doctor Decker - At my last doctor's appointment, I talked with my doctor about the recent "HIV cure within months!" headlines that were floating around online and also my decision to switch HIV meds. Part of that discussion is in this week's Shawn and Gwenn video, as well as an exciting new "Paging Doctor Decker" segment... A blog by Shawn Decker

    The Immune System, Aging, and HIV. With the specter of AIDS having finally been chased from the near horizon, attention has turned to health problems that may lie further down the road. A blog by Tim Horn

    So thank you Dave, Helselenne and Jung for welcoming me into the family and helping me with my care. On many occasions you've went the extra mile and always did it with a smile. A blog by Aundaray Guess.

    A Meme of Our Own: Ryan Gosling as Peter Staley

    One man will not have to wait until the June 9 ceremony to find out if he takes home a Tony Award. It has already been announced that Larry Kramer will be awarded the Isabelle Stevenson Award at this year's ceremony.

    Visual AIDS Program Manager, Ted Kerr, considers Photoshop Activism in the age of Social Media, and Ongoing AIDS

    Sean Mathias (R) chatting with Breakfast at Tiffanys stars Cory Michael Smith and Emila Clark - From "Five Questions for Sean Mathias" By David Mixner

    All Aboard the HIV Cruise Retreat - by Mark S. King

    A Woman's Vagina Should Not Be a Pawn - Rae Lewis-Thornton

    HIV and Gay Media: The Vanishing Virus by Mark S. King

    Next Thursday, March 7, Positive Women: Exposing Injustice will be screened along with Sero Project's short documentary, HIV is Not a Crime, with a panel discussion afterwards, at the SVA Theatre at 333 Eighth Avenue in New York.

    So Many Ways to Make Love! How do you make love? How do you love yourself? How do you love other bodies? A blog entry by Visual AIDS.

    Outing the NYT Ed Koch Obit by Oriol Gutierrez

    Where's the Personal Accountability? - In today's society, it appears it is just fine to absolve yourself of any accountability. Instead, ask your local politicians to draft up a law that removes the feces from the wall for you.

    Your Mother Liked It Bareback - When gay men engage in intercourse without a barrier we label it psychotic barebacking, but when straight people do it we call it sex. by Mark S. King

    Grief Is a Sword: A Eulogy for Spencer Cox - While many of us, through luck or circumstance, have landed on our feet, all of us in some way have unprocessed grief, or guilt, or an overwhelming sense of abandonment from a community that turned its back on us, and increasingly stigmatized us, all in an attempt to pretend that AIDS wasn't its problem anymore. by Peter Staley

    Postcards Get Me Closer, a blog entry by Visual AIDS

    HARRY STYLES HAS HEPATITIS! Well, no he doesn't but that's what the twitterverse is reporting. A few days ago, an article went viral when it suggested that Harry Styles of One Direction is risking a Hepatitis infection if he continues to allow his friends to tattoo him outside of a licensed shop. Well, teen girls everywhere completely freaked out.

    Uncle Poodle (on TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" program) Presses Charges, Partner Sentenced to 5 Years