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A very rare sight in New Orleans ~ by AnitaC #South #Southern #winter

Without any parents, Jake couldn't get his card signed and leave on the train. But, being scared that his father's death might be blamed on him, he knew he had to go. So he snuck onto the train in hopes to pass under the radar. When Rosa discovers him and a head count was about to be made, Rosa had to think quick to make an excuse for him. She had lied to pretend that he was her brother, and had come on the train last second because she was to scared to go alone.

.That looks like Nawlins, but honey, where did that snow come from?! Somewhere else because that isn't English on the sign.

New Orleans - one other pinner said it, 'snow and palm trees; you usually don't see those two things together'.

snowy day By elena {pretty light} via creature comforts faves

a . l i t t l e . b i r d h o u s e . to . f e e d . t h e . w i l d . o n e s . o n . t h e . c o l d e s t . o f . w i n t e r. d a y s

Snowy Evening captured just at dusk - how wonderful is it to be able to capture this moment in this light! I love being able to do this- now I need the house!!

Train & Bridge. This could be anywhere USA. I like to think it is Wishram, Wa. returning from a trip to Bend, Ore.

An unexpected snowfall in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Katford on Flickr.

King Charles I statue, Big Ben, London. The oldest bronze statue in Britain. View on black Careful treatment for white snow and black statue to achieve contrast while keeping details in both. 'My most interesting' show.