Vampires, werewolves & hybrids

If your eyes are blue your a mermaid ( obviously ) . if your eyes are brown your a werewolf . If your eyes are hazel your a vampire . And if your eyes are green your a hybrid

Icons ↠Famosos(as) ↠Tumblr ↠Series ↠Wallpapers ▲ Façam seus pedido… #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad


Icons ↠Famosos(as) ↠Tumblr ↠Series ↠Wallpapers ▲ Façam seus pedido… #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad

Up the Scary Factor With These Legendary Monsters From Around the World

What& the Halloween season without a few scary stories? Not much at all, if you ask me — which is why I was delighted to find UK-based costume retailer Morph Costume& latest infographic. Detailing 18 creepy urban legends from around the world, it&

Lol Vampire Diaries have the best teeth

Funny pictures about Different teeth in vampire movies. Oh, and cool pics about Different teeth in vampire movies. Also, Different teeth in vampire movies.

Fantasy eyes makeup look

Cat eyes makeup is a dramatic style of eye makeup that relies heavily on eyeliner. The outer corners of the eyes are designed to look pointed, .  Movie-inspired blue Vampire contact lenses to spice up any vampire costume or Gothic look.  These vampire contacts were custom designed to resemble popular Vampire characters from the movies Underworld & Interview with the Vampire.  Click link above to learn more.

Be the best looking Vampire or Lycan for cosplay or Halloween with movie-inspired Underworld contact lenses. Selene, Viktor, Kraven, Markus, or Michael Corvin

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore

Nordic folklore these creatures have a likely origin of the Jotner in Norse mythology. Jotner were most damaging to the Norse gods , but sometimes benefit

An eye color.:

Eye colour - What is yours

I have Emerald eyes that are sometimes olive green and sometimes green blue----> eye color chart