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Art of Sensual Emotion

For some reason this reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas... photographer Mercuro B. Cotto

An Amazing Photographic Tour Of New York In The 1920s

"“So, what kind of jobs?” “The usual.” His hand twitched again. This time the girl noticed. “I mean, all sorts of things—a little acting, helping out in a hat shop, photographer’s assistant..." roommate Nancy Berger to investigator Harris Stuyvesant

This picture is disgusting. If that woman was dead because of losing her head -- it was sick. I wonder if they had her head remove from the picture because she was a step-mother? The dad looks like he may be post-mortem. This picture was plain weird, no matter what the reasoning behind it was.

#Beautiful We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Image: +iGeisha #rule

This is a feminist blog focusing on current events, pop culture, queer and race issues, and sex. We smash patriarchy and the gender binary here. There are a few NSFW things. If you would like to be a guest blogger/poet/photographer please shoot an e-mail to

Hey all you Frill Bella’s and Beau’s! Meet Vanessa....'s Very own #visualvixen. I am a woman with many layers, wife, mother, photographer, artist, +model , chef impersonator and healthcare professional. I am passionate about life, living in the moment, finding reason, purpose and discovering the simple elements of life that bring peace and happiness. I have serious photo OCD, I love the way photos tell a story while still leaving a bit of mystery to them. My posts…

my boyfreind has a favoret pictur of a statue calld en busca de la razon (in search of reason) and it blows my mind of how i thoght of him beutiful