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    • Lesa Miller

      We didn't get to take the tram in Earth Systems. And they didn't have to hug Stone Mountain.

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    Bad Romance by Lady Gaga remade to be about Suffrage.

    “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one?” Such a sad statement of American society

    *No one* asks for it.

    good: Why Isn’t Election Day a National Holiday? #takebacktuesday When you get to thinking about it, holding an election in the middle of the work week doesn’t make any sense. How can our democracy thrive when voting, perhaps our most broad-reaching civic duty, must be squeezed into what odd hours we can find for it?… So, in the spirit of a more engaged citizenship, we figured we’d do something about it: We want to make Voting Day a holiday. And here’s our plan:

    Sad truths.

    The Insane Experiment

    Something to REALLY think about.

    Annoyingly true.


    CD-format to be abandoned by major labels by the end of 2012...whoa.

    Nature Wants to Eat You: A blog about all the ways Mother Nature wants to and can kill you.

    Thank you.

    A really brilliant post concerning pro-life vs. pro-choice.

    The world population is expected to reach seven billion within the next few days. Wonder what number you are? A calculator from the BBC helps you find out approximately where you fit in.


    I really have to resist the urge to make that comment on this picture, because someone on my friends lists posted it as well...

    Halloween is a time for silly costumes, and some use it as an excuse to drag out every racial and cultural stereotype they can think of for a silly costume. That’s not cool. Students Teaching Against Racism (STARS) is an organization at Ohio University that put out a series of posters to “educate and create dialog” and to ask people to think before they select an insensitive Halloween costume. See the rest of the posters at Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


    The 8 Most Wildly Irresponsible Vintage ToysWe’ve posted about some extremely unsafe toys here. the one that came to mind immediately when I saw the title of this Cracked post was the Atomic Energy Lab, and it’s included. But the others are just as shockingly dangerous! However, I remember some of them from my own childhood, the childhood with no seat belts or bicycle helmets or minimum age for babysitting. Shown here is a kit for children to learn how to melt and mold their own lead, which could not only burn a hole through flesh, but poison your brain as well.

    Today, the Führer is universally recognized as the embodiment of evil and the most convenient example of a truly terrible human being. Before World War II, who was the rhetorical worst person in history?

    ain't that the dang truth

    My lack of sleep is more often attributed to this than anything else.

    I kind of have to agree.

    The woman that has everything has finally got inked. The tokidoki Barbie Doll by Simone Legno is the first ever tattooed Barbie to hit the streets ... er, collectors' shelves. Rage of conservative parents in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...