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You uncultured swine. #toy #story #pixar #disney

Potato Head rearranges his facial features crazily) Mr. Look, I'm Picasso! Hamm: I don't get it. Potato Head: You uncultured swine! What're you lookin' at, ya hockey puck?

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How to Be a Savvy Consumer

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Part 17 (what am i doing with my life)

Is she brushing his hair with a fork or. Did it's a dinglehopper educate yourself.uneducated swine Omg I just died

That shall be me as an old woman

I LOVE this part and the next part where Mulan's like 'Do u wanna stay for dinner?' and her grandma says, 'Wanna stay forever?' Hahaha so funny!

You uncultured swine

That was Merlin's magic, you Stockholm syndrome supporter. Sword in the Stone all the way.--- It was actually both. Merlin made the dishes wash themselves but in beauty and the beast they were enchanted and also washed themselves. So there you go.

Movie quote problems

Standing there wasting my oxygen, when no one gets my movie references, uncultered swine, toy story