Hairbow tutorial


How to make a hair bow

hair romance! -- easy peasy

Bow made out of hair

Red Bow

great hair


The Sock Bun by MadeInPretoria.Wordpress - You can do this with damp hair to get wicked awesome curls too, just sleep on it.

Pony tail, with simple bump for a nice spring or summer day out


bows everywhere!



Hair Styles tutorial...this might work with all of Harley's thick hair. that way all of it could be split into 2 parts instead of getting it all to wind around 1

Hair Knot

Good and bad hair days are actually in our own hands — literally. The way we brush our hair can determine the health of our precious strands and whether or not our hair will be a frizzy, damaged mess. Let us empower you with some tips on how to brush those strands right and make every day a great hair day.

Ombre hair

Love this, decoupage/ lace hair!

Love the hair.

Lilac Hair