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  • Jennifer Pierce

    This is what chewy needs, a new hairstyle

  • Misty Chandler

    Aww I want a purse puppy!!!

  • Sally Brown

    Don't bring in animals that are not service animals (trained, defined as a service dog or miniature horse). They pee, poo, run away and bark. You don't want dirty doggy bottoms and pet hair near your food and neither do I. And they are a distraction to the real service dogs. Your little dog may bark or jump at a service dog or the owner who is unstable on their feet. Leave your dogs at home!!!!!!!

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every time I look at this picture I laugh. can't help it.

Those eyes and the gorgeous big ears. Yorkies have such soulful eyes. A stunning little creature.

Secretly hoping Dexter goes full blonde when his adult coat comes in.. love itttt

Yorkshire Terrier dog art portraits, photographs, information and just plain fun. Also see how artist Kline draws his dog art from only words at He also can add your dog's name into the lithograph.

this adorable raggamuffin looks a lot like my mother's rescue Jack Russell Terrier after she's been out on rodent patrol in the back yard!!! ... super smart ... delightful when trained ...

:D Looks a bit like one of my little furbabies, but she isn't this calm when taking a bath

Just ordered this for Mistah Con in Blue! He's going to hate it, but he'll live, because he's going to look so damn cute!

Gunther was recently forced to participate in a demented trust circle at work. He's since updated his resume. #SDWC

Omg!! I dont have a board to pin him to, but he's so cute i just cant leave him hanging out there in pintrest neverland!!!