I used a Large book page from a astronomy book displaying the sky over the norther hemisphere and printed the TARDIS from throughout the years.


Les sabre laser des plus grand jedi et des sith ou du côté obscur de la force

Doctor Who

Templates for my original Doctor Who snowflakes: Adipose, Weeping Angel, and the "Are you my mummy?" child.


On the off chance that I construct my own TARDIS, this might be useful! (TARDIS measurements)

This is really cool!

Tardis, Doctor Who Quote the episode the Doctor said it in made me cry😭

Love the use of book pages

Greetings from the #TARDIS #doctorwho

Headcanon accepted.


Looks fun!

The Doctor's Wife, the TARDIS

This is absolutely true. If a guy came up to me, dressed as Tennant, and said this? I'd smile and hug him and thank him for finally finding me. And then cry. And then we'd kiss and get married, Immediately.

TARDIS phone


Doctor Who TARDIS Hair Flower #cosplay

Tardis poem