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Pothole Gardening! What a fabulous idea! Walt and I once did a guerrilla cottage garden for a friend who lived in a teeny tiny cottage with a teeny tiny yard. She came home from work one day, and had no idea how her yard had suddenly turned into a blooming oasis. Great fun!

How about instead of a photo booth or a lemonade stand a couple has a flower stand for taking pictures with the flowers and keeping a bloom ? :)

Today’s special is our Pink Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana). These are 5 to 7 inches tall and growing in 2 inch containers for $9.95 each! This is a special offer is only available in our…

. alice loves the fields of colour from late summer flowers but may have got carried away choosing her bouquet, happy harvest alice fans...or more darkly, when the field of flowers choir sang out of key alice took her revenge against bad music a little too far

I love mirrors in the garden. This little one on a wooden potting bench/display opens up the space. They reflect light and make the garden look bigger.

Take a photo of palm leaves, blow up and frame in white

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