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DIY:: Jeweled Christmas Tree - Upcycle jewelry using a painted Styrofoam cone, hot glue, and old jewelry

santa ornament. I don't know about you, but in grade four, we did this as a class craft during the holidays. After two days of hard worked on balls of plastic, everyone took home their gift to parents, rejoicing in their triumph.

christmas tree. Time to start planning Christmas decorating! I'm thinking white and gold this year...

I don't necessarily like the colors they chose, but I like the idea of making your own jingle bell tree...

Make a mini-I Spy tree out of old toys... glue them on a cone, spray paint it and have fun hunting.

Honeycomb Balls (Get them at your local party store!) Scissors Cardboard Tube (Like a paper towel roll) Hot Glue Gold Tinsel Ribbon Masking Tape To Make: Draw a half-bulb shape onto your folded honeycomb ball. This pretty much means it will be wider at the top and narrower with a bottom (though it won’t come to a perfect point!). Cut along your line through all layers.

Mini Cookie Garland Trim the Tree with Four Homemade Garlands Salt dough recipe

Great inexpensive christmas decoration

Glue together expired light bulbs...I think this would reflect lights on a Christmas tree beautifully. Although it can stand on its own any time of the year too, I am clever!

A fun holiday DIY for those with small spaces: a fringe Christmas tree.