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Love my weenie dog :-) Love this photographer, she is amazing. I wish I lived in Australia.

Meet the World's First Dog with Four Prosthetic Legs

oh my goodness. best hot dog ever! Thomas Mailaender | Weiner Dog

Did someone say, "Hot dogs?"

When in the absence of your person, find the next closest thing... stuff that smells exactly like them...

African wiener dogs, despite their short legs, can run 100 mi. in a half hour and are among the fastest land animals. They can even attack a cheetah! LOL!

Awwwwww... The dog is so cute!!!! Moving on... This is so true and the same can be said for family members. They can spend so long just waiting for you to spend time with them that one day they just disappear and you never get to tell them how much you love them

He’s just too happy…haha i bought scalp massagers for christmas stocking gifts this year. should've bought the dog one also.

aww so cute...could totally see Bentley doing this. However, I would not be very happy if he did. Lucky for him he's just too damn cute I can't stay mad at him for long.