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    Tawakkol Karman-- Yemeni activist, the "Iron Woman" and founder of "Women Journalists Without Chains." Winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Rosa Parks, racial equality activist

    John Kiriakou, former CIA employee and whistleblower. Exposed high-level authorization of torture.

    Frank Serpico, integrity activist. Retired NYPD detective. From Americans Who Tell the Truth (Robert Shetterly)

    Integrity activistis - Cynthia Cooper, WorldCom;& Sherron Watkins, Enron Coleen Rowley, the FBI - 2002,Cooper & CO, of auditors worked together at night in secret to investigate & unearth 3.8 billion in fraud at WorldCom.Largest fraud in U.S. history.Rowley testified in front of Senate & for 9/11 Commission about the FBI's internal organization,mishandling of info related to the Sept 11, attacks. Watkins testifed. in the U.S. House of Representitives on Enron scandal in 2001.