Nature spirit

Wood Nymph by Josephine Wall Half human and half plant, the Dryad, or Wood Nymph, tends to the flora and fauna of the forest with tender loving care. The shy, wild animals trust her completely because.

Grandmother hanging the moon

Siren song & Victor Nizovtsev 1965 & Russian Fantasy painter & Tutt& & Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica & on imgfave

Cerridwen : Welsh Celtic goddess of the moon, magic, poetry, music, luck, earth, agriculture, art, science, astrology, death, and fertility; keeper of the cauldron

“Ceridwen”, watercolour painting on commission. Ceridwen is the shapeshifting Celtic goddess of knowledge, transformation and rebirth. The Awen, cauldron of poetic inspiration, is one of her main s.

Aquarius traits are that of a rebel with or without a cause yet can be ever so detached and sometimes even appear aloof. The operative word here is 'appear'. We really aren't aloof at all, our complicated Aquarius personality just makes it seem that way when we are contemplating some vast expanse or intricate corner of the solar system. Speaking of the stars, we are brilliant astrologers when we choose that path. It's a perfect fit for our inquiring minds and penchant for abstract thinking.

The Aquarius sign is a rebel with or without a cause. Aquarius traits are a study in contradictions. The Aquarius personality loves humanity.


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Spirit of Winter by Josephine Wall. I hope you enjoy Fairyland. You will find all of the inhabitants of Fairyland by clicking on the image.