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Pagans worship the ground you walk on Reusable Shopping bag

Pagans worship the ground you walk on Picture Orna> Pagans worship the ground you walk on> Magickal Enchantments

This is an awesome mostly visual explanatory (so people won't think I'm a devil worshiper!).

Proud Pagan with pentacle Throw Pillow

Pagan Witch Kitchen Triple Moon Goddess Rustic triple moon vine heart.by PositivelyPagan, £7.95

Not all Pagans are Wiccans but all Wiccans are Pagans.

Vintage Artwork - Wiccan Pagan Witchcraft Illustrations / Clip Art

Wicca wiccan pagan pagans witchcraft

Witch & pentacle ornament and many more witch, pagan and nature products.

Keep affordable gifts in mind for Christmas. Check out my shop on Cafepress for more Pagan, Witchy, nature and fantasy items! 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt Wiccan witch with triqeutra (Dark) > Wiccan Witch > Magickal Enchantments

Handfasting. Pagan marriage, it's beautiful.

Harm none.

I love when I come across graphics I made when I had Geminimoon.net open. This is just one I just found on my feed here that someone posted :)

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Bright pentacle Tote Bag. $15.59

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Triquatra watercolor artwork, pagan, celtic symbols by Gemini Moon, Kristi Rinier - Shop - Art of where

Nature is my religion tote bag