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From QWERTY to Quirky: New Ways to Type

Interesting keyboard alternative. Wonder who will be among the early adopters.

Why H.R. Managers Need to Think like Economists

Accident at Work Claims Claims Process, Compensation, Top Solicitors #Work_Accident_Claims #Accident_at_Work_Claims_Process #Accident_at_Work_Claims

Craig Venter - Synthetic Life, TED X NASA - sequenced DNA virus of 5000 base pairs (genome) - injected into e. coli, recognized synthetic DNA as real - software (genetic code) building its own hardware (viral particle) - a living, self-replicating cell.

Get More Out of Google Search - #infographic #Google

Get More Out of Google Search - #infographic

Dan Heath: Want Your Organization to Change? Put Feelings First | Fast Company | business + innovation

The Rise Of The Niche Social Network

Far from being a marketer's worst nightmare, smaller, more focused networks are becoming places where people actually listen.