• Amanda Fosdick

    Laundry room organization; I like the cubby for laundry basket!

  • Marisa Haas

    laundry basket shelves - one day I will build a house, and it will have this in the laundry room.

  • JeremyandKim Smith

    laundry room idea: open shelf and basket for each family member (clean and sorted for them to fold!

  • Briana Joseph

    *laundry room with laundry basket organization - i want room for this - so easy to fold the clothes and place them in the baskets for each family member. also, good idea to store bed linens in the laundry room - as you bring your dirty linens/sheets/blankets in for washing - pick up your clean ones & head back to your bedroom.

  • Susannah Hurt

    laundry room organization | basket for each family member...toss the clean clothes in the right basket and they can take it to their to fold and put away.

  • Christy Marie Walton

    idea: open shelf and basket for each family member (clean and sorted for them to fold! - I'd love a house big enough for a laundry room where I could do this, sorting into people piles direct from the dryer or line.

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