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baby sloth!!!!!

Forget Homer Simpson and Jim Royle. Meet the Sloths, the new (and adorable) stars of lazy TV

Baby sloth in a nursery of Costa Rica by Marieseyes

had the opportunity to visit a sloth nursery in Costa Rica. The people there cured the lost or the ill sloths found outside and save them from death. Great place and very cute animals!

tiny sloth!

where is his eco system? Hes clean. There all cute when thier babies.

baby sloth with a new friend!

A baby sloth at a zoo in the Netherlands is clinging to a new friend for dear life. A teddy bear given to a sloth named Sjakie (pronounced “Sharkey”) at the Burgers’ Zoo is helping to provide more than just a friend to cuddle.

Maybe a slow nap.

Life In The Slow Lane

foto Bradipi

Two baby sloths sharing one greened bean. Be sure to check back next week to see if they've finished yet!