great questions for an art history critique

Printable Art Cards - questions to get a discussion going

Do you ever show your kids art from history? Give it a try with these easy ideas! The ABCs of Art History for Kids from

Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons

art critique worksheet - Google Search

Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Art Room: Question Prompts

art careers: what if I want to do curating, art teaching, and be a designer? I want to do all of them :(

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Teaching Childrens Art -'World's Greatest Artist Vol 1'. Lessons available to download. Art history and art projects.

Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons

Size Tester Box from Beth E.

art discussion - critique questions

Word bank for art terms- help to develop the students and their grasp of academic language.

Art History in a Hurry - Mona Lisa ... 2 minutes of history on why Mona Lisa is so famous... great video!

Six Classroom Questions to start off the school year!

Art Discussion Questions

Art Sub Lessons and Sub Binder Information - #and #Art #Binder. #information #Lessons #Sub #interiordesign #interior #design #art #diy #home Check more at

The last 5 minutes of each class is spent in some type of reflection/critique. Pair-Share, turn and talk, exit slips, journaling, small group critique..

Critical thinking skills/steps in looking at and trying to understand artworks.

Art Critique