• Theresa Lally

    How to make a Pillow Mattress for the kids! Cute idea for movie nights.

  • Ashalee✌

    DIY pillow mattresses for kids.

  • Crystal Schaeffer

    Pillow Case Sleeping Bag

  • Susan Zingaro

    Pillow Mattress. The total cost for pillows and pillowcases is about $25. You get the cheapest pillows and cases you can find. If you want the bed really poofy, cut the pillow cases down to fit more snugly around the pillows. The result is a very poofy, soft pillow bed that any little boy or girl would love!

  • Shannon Lafferty

    Pillow Mattress. good idea for movie nights

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"Technology Tickets". Each Sunday give the kids 10 tickets. Each ticket = 30 minutes of t.v., game system, computer, etc. Tickets can be used consecutively, but when they are out they are out for the week.

Free printable - media minutes to help keep track of kids' screen time


felt board for weather :-) maybe do days of week instead

Make this huge fabric-covered magnet board for less than $20!

Snakes on a plane! Felt reptiles for kids to both make and then play with. Photo: Engaging Toddler Activities

This is a guide about crafts made using Altoids tins. Altoids tins, like their predecessors including the Sucrets tin from days gone by, beg to be reused for storage or crafts.

Made from a single sheet of 4'x8' plywood, the Make Believe Station can be transformed into almost any structure your little one can imagine. Grocery store? Check.

Felt Children's Garden. This is an awesome idea!

Swing set DIY... when the kids are grown replace with bench swing

Turbo Tower Cubby House

kids playground equipment, Turbo Tower Cubby

Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone - Accelerate reading comprehension, fluency and pronunciation with a reading phone - Help children learn to read and enhance speech by hearing themselves speak with crystal clear auditory feedback - Also assists children with special needs such as autism, auditory processing disorders, stutters and dyslexia - A great learning aid for speech therapy - Limited Lifetime Warranty Learning Loft www.amazon.com/...

DIY growth chart

Make a Kids Grocery Stand

Linen Tooth Fairy Pillow with wool felt pocket and by ParkerJshop, $10.00

link to the kids scripture stories. They have them downloadable in text, audio, and video

try a little water balloon target practice.

crochet letter pillow

Preschool Curriculum

neat rewards system...31 quarters in the jar at the beginning of the month, every day that they do not do their chores, they lose a quarter. Whatever is left at the end of the month they exchange for cash and the quarter jar is refilled.

Weighted pencils can be beneficial for students who do not press hard enough when writing or for students who have poor body awareness & need additional proprioceptive input to increase awareness of their hand.

April morning work for Kindergarten. 20 pages of literacy, 20 pages of math. Daily repetitive directions promote student independence.

Life Size